Recent wanders

My blog has been on a holiday.


Because I've been a holiday.

I packed up and flew out to my favorite place in the world - Asheville, North Carolina. (This is saying a lot because I've been to Cape Town. But I think Asheville wins because people I love live there).

It was so great.

And now that I am back I feel like I am having a hard time catching up. (I am getting all my office hours in in 4 days, instead of five. I have to work on Saturday and I am really trying to get a lot of random things done - like trying to get ready for the Emma Creek classic next weekend, working on a crocheting project that has a deadline, photo editing (which is not important but still sucks me in nevertheless) and getting my Bolivian visa application in the mail). This blog has been on that list, but there never seems to be enough hours in the evening. This is frustrating since there always seems to be plenty when I am at the office. slow jam.

Anyway, with all that being said (even though I definitely did not need to), I wanted to give you the run down of my Easter in Asheville. Here are the highlights.

1. Traveling solo. Sounds weird (and it really isn't too terribly exciting) but it is oddly liberating to fly somewhere by yourself.

2. Exploring Hendersonville - scoring an awesome vintage dress and having coffee with the fam at Black Bear Coffee Company.

3. Going to DuPont on Saturday for a little waterfall viewing and hiking. (Also this was one of the sights where the Hunger Games was filmed. So all of us Hunger-Gamers were really excited about that one).

4. Ultimate Ice Cream! (I had goat cheese and raspberry. Sounds weird, yes. But it was awesome. The goat cheese was not strong. Rather it made it very thick and "cheesecake-ish.")

5. Having my cousins, Melissa and April, and my fellow Blufftonite, Jill, come a crazy long way just to hang out with me. It was so nice to have friends in Asheville to hang out with. We saw Hunger Games (for the second time), laughed a lot and called everything "hipster." I love them. I am so glad they came.

6. Spending time with my family! (Of course). And being around my sweet niece and nephew.

7. Scoring a vintage chair at this huge antique store called the "Tobacco Barn." It needs some fixing up, but I love it so much already.

8. Going out to Early Girl Eatery (my favorite restaurant in Asheville) for breakfast. (hmm tomato gravy). One of my favorite Asheville people, Sandy Miller, was able to join us.

9. Shopping in boutiques on Lexington with my sister-in-law and mom.

10. Sitting on the porch, which somehow feels more meaningful in the south.

It was a really nice Easter weekend. I wish I could hop on a plane and go to Asheville every other weekend.