Things I'm loving right now

1. Hearing random Downton Abbey references in various media sources. Last night, The Office, (which I haven't watched in months because it's so terrible now, made reference to it. Love it.  Also successfully getting two of my friends hooked on this show.

2. The random plant growing in our compost pile. I am hoping it's a pumpkin since I did put a ton of pumpkin seeds in pile last fall. But I don't know anything about plant leaves or weeds. So, who knows...

3. My green beans that grow about an inch every day. They suddenly shot out of the ground and are getting bigger and bigger.

4. I am not very good at waiting for things. Also, I tend to be a worrier. So when I plant seeds in the ground and days and days go by without any sign of life, I get concerned (which I know is dumb. It takes time to grow things, Anna). This past weekend I planted cucumbers and zucchini. And although Scooter might be determined to ruin my patch, a few cukes are starting to show their beautiful faces.

... and speaking of waiting for things, my peas are starting to bloom! They are so cute.

5. Peter Bradley Adams, Sarah Jarosz, and, surprisingly enough, Foster the People.

6. The Hesston Wellness Center. This is my gym, which is actually a part of a retirement community. Yep. I work out with old people. It is so great and completely not intimidating. Also, I know this is lame and makes me not a "legit" runner by saying it, but I really like running on a treadmill. It feels easier than outside. Right now, that is what keeps me going, especially because of my terrible after terrible outside workout.

7. Watching less TV. This is mostly because I have so much stuff I want to do outside. It's not very relaxing, but it is still great.

8. Morning smoothies. On days when I have a little extra time, I whip one of these up. I like to make them with frozen fruit and almond milk (and sometimes yogurt, but yesterday I left it out making it vegan and still very delicious). They are so thick, almost like a sorbet. So good. The mornings I don't have them, I find I miss them. My favorite combo is banana, strawberry, blackberry, pineapple, almond milk. Sometimes, I can successfully sneak spinach in there too.

9.  Soy milk in my iced and blended lattes. (Higher protein count than almond milk!)

10. The Harry Potter movies. I only have one left, which I will watch this weekend. I cannot wait.

11. (Bonus!) The fact that one of my little besties, Jill Schlabach, is moving to Kansas this summer! I cannot wait!