This week's garden report

This morning started off pretty terrible. But thanks to my sister, coffee with a friend, and a little garden time, things are at least ending on a better note.

Here is the latest report.

I picked another round of spinach, planted 6 mounds of cucumbers and two zucchinis and cut the wood for my next garden box.

Spring is a dangerous time to go to Stone Creek Nursery because everything is so cute and full of potential. Today, I bought an eggplant. It's so cute. It's a "rosa bianca" and an heirloom from the early 1900s.  I got sucked in. I am not even a very big fan of eggplant. But I will deal with that if it makes it and decides to yield something.

Also, Jeron's Dad brought us four more tomato plants. So my little garden party on the front stoop has expanded. Tomorrow, it might get a little bit bigger too. I also brought watermelon seeds, which might be one of the most impractical thing to buy on the prairie. (Although, I just finished reading My Antonia, which takes place on the homestead in Nebraska and they ate watermelon all the time. Fictional story. But I am sure it's historically actuate). Regardless, I am going to try and start the fruit in another pot.

I am starting to feel nervous about this gathering of plants. My early girls are getting too big for their pots and they starting to show how antsy they are to get into the ground. The lows this weekend are still to "scary" for me to plant them, so hopefully they can hang on a little bit longer...