3(ish) thoughts for this day

1. It is so warm out today with kill-er winds. (Running was a disaster). However, I was so proud of my office today. According to the thermostat, the office reached 87 degrees and no one turned on the Air Con. You might think that sounds terrible. But with the mighty winds coming through the windows, it wasn't that bad. So thank you, insane Kansan winds, for helping us keep our carbon footprint low today. Still, there was one point in the middle of the afternoon where all I could of doing was lying down on the carpet and taking a nap. That's all I wanted to do. Professionalism is the worst.

2. On my way home from work, I finally stopped at the little farm stand I've been seeing on the corner of 24th street and old 81 in North Newton every Wednesday afternoon. I finally had some cash-money on me this afternoon so I decided that it was a good day to buy something. (Also, I felt bad for this man who was doing his best to keep his produce from 1. wilting in the heat and 2. blowing away). So I supported my local agriculture and bought some green onions and some carrots. This actually worked out perfectly since the store bought carrots I've been eating with my lunches this week have been terr-i-ble. They are so fat and nasty. I hate them. I am excited to give these babies a try... oh and also...

2.5. All men should know that, in my opinion, flower bouquets are okay, but bring me a bouquet of fresh, local produce and I will love you forever. (Creative bouquets makes me think of a scene from the movie Stranger than Fiction, which every one seems to think is boring, but it is one of my top movie picks. Anyway, there is this scene where Will Farrel's character brings his love interest (who is a baker) Flours.

It is so cute. That really isn't the same at all, but that's what I thought about just now). Anyway, back to the veggies. Seeing them in the fridge makes my day.

3. This intense wind ripped off the side of our compost box (which is pretty dilapidated anyway), which caused it to smash my mysterious squash growing there. I hope it's okay. (I removed the board obviously). I also still hope it's a pumpkin. I also named it Hagrid.

Now, I will go lie on the floor and take a nap. (Not really, it's too close to bedtime for that, but I will find a similar alternative).