Being here

I have a hard time living in the place that I am.

I recently saw a tweet from runner's world that said "run the mile you're in." This is very wise advice, but I think it can also be applied to other things as well. Such as, living in a specific place.

Okay, obviously I am in Kansas and thus I am living here. But I often have weird moments of nastalga for previous places. Not just since being here, but that's always how it goes. Sometimes, it hinders me from appreciating what is around me. For instance, I am finally getting around to drinking the rest of my rooibos from Pick 'n Pay in South Africa. The cool mornings and the smell of my tea take me back to PMB. Since it's been a few years, it feels magical despite the fact that I don't really want to move back to South Africa.

I often have moments of envy for city life. True, rural life has its perks (like having yard and room to garden). Actually, at the end of summer last year, I was ready to get out of the city. But I have a lot of friends (real and/or the Facebook kind) who live in cool places (i.e. Chicago, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Nashville, etc). Whenever I see via fb what places they go and places they eat (especially that), I feel jealous. I long to live in a place where having falafel for lunch is an option. Or easy access to Indian food.

But I do believe that very place has something to offer. Even if it is just fresh air.

So yes, Kansas has it's moments of glory. Such as the calm of the morning that I found on the porch today while I ate my breakfast.

It is also easy to appreciate Kansas when my favorite season has officially begun: Farmer's Market Season!

The Wichita Farmer's market opened today! There weren't very many produce vendors yet, but it was still fun to walk around with Leah and love each vegetable. We came home with some peas, green onions, and get this... tomatoes and cucumbers!

After we bought them, Leah, who lives for tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer, said "I feel like this is cheating."

Maybe. Sorry spring produce. But they were local and ready so whatever. I did, however, wish we would've found some rhubarb (I have a great BBQ recipe with it in it) and strawberries. But it's okay, despite the 90 degree heat, it is still technically spring. I am hoping they will show up still.

We also saw radishes the size of my fist. (And the lead singer of Clarensau)

Afterwards, Leah and I headed to Tanya's Soup Kitchen for lunch.

Oh my goodness. That helped my food envy a lot. (I had a hummus, avo, almond and endamame sandwich with a peach berry chilled soup). So great (and vegan!). We also saw Kirstie Alley. No lie. She came in and sat at table behind us. It was a weird moment because I don't really believe that celebrities actually exist in real life. Also, the only thing I really know her from was from this terribly awesome 90s kid movie called "It takes two." And I just wanted to ask her if she still knows the Olson twins. (They were in that movie).

Anyway, today was a good day. I appreciated where I am. Even if we have to "hitch up the buggy" and go all the way to Wichita for the day.

Vivian aka "the buggy" all ready to go with her shopping bags