Friday Finds

I should straight up quit Facebook. I was just going to blog quickly and then go to bed.

And then suddenly it was 10:42.

Thankfully, today is Friday, which means I should be able to tell my schedule oriented self to chill-out.


Speaking of Friday, here are some discoveries of the day.

1. I found that decorating cupcakes at Mojo's makes me way less grumpy in the mornings. Who would've thought. (It also might've had something to do with the far that we weren't under a tight deadline to get them done. It was a good morning of controlling the food, not letting the food control me).

In my head, I like to call these "baby cakes" since they are minis

2. I found that I really enjoy whenever there are concert warm ups in Memorial Hall (the building my office is in at Bethel). There is a concert this weekend in the gym, which doubles as the performance hall sometimes. We are right above it. Today, someone started going crazy on the organ. It was like the Phantom of the Opera invaded. One of my co-workers complained about the noise (specifically of a random gong), but me? I love it. Anything that breaks up the monotony of the day in an interesting way is okay with me.

3. I found out that summer is starting to hide out in my car. I couldn't touch my steering wheel when I was trying to go home after work. dang.

4. I found these awesome retro mixing bowls at an antique store today. score.

5. I found out that the reason I stop running is because of summer. Last year, I quit because I didn't want to get up at 5 to beat the heat (and get to work on time) just to run. So I took a break. I am not ready to quit just yet. After all, I've supposedly been "making progress." I don't want to lose that. Yep, apparently I'm intense. (lie). So much so that my new shoes are maybe already worn out. I am very aware of how thin the soles suddenly feel. (UGH!) I was running today and thought I was going to die. I blame the 90 degree heat. I cannot push myself to move in these conditions. So instead...

6. I found a new distraction today during my run! I stopped at the Sharp's house to see my friend Amy (and check out the tomatoes I have planted in her yard). A brief "hello" turned into a long conversation about life and creativity and gardening. It was awesome and the best part of my day. Friendships, you can take me away from running any day.

7. I found out that my peas are starting to have pods on them! We are getting closer to pea time. Can't wait!

8. Speaking of a different spelling of that word, I found that Scooter pees on the mint in the backyard. I was watering my spinach when Scooter trotted over to the garden. He looked right at me, lifted his leg, and peed all over the delicious mint! gross. Lost in mid-pee, he did not listen to my yells. Well, I would dumb to think this doesn't happen.  I also assume he's peeing on my entire garden. Anyone with pets and gardens know how to stop this? Probably not, but it is super gross.

9. I found that I can't keep up with the bags of spinach filling up the fridge. (Good problem! I will probably freeze some this weekend.) Anyone have good recipes with spinach in them?

10. I found that on Fridays, I still want to go to bed at 9:30 but somehow never do.