Just getting warmed up...

My "spring shot" for the day

My heart feels burdened by global warming tonight.

How crazy does that make me sound right now?

I don't even care. It's true. If it's normal not to care, than I don't want to be that person.

Summer is officially here, at least in Kansas, and it is only May 3rd. (Thankfully my garden is still hanging tough and growing like a champ).  This makes me sad because that means my favorite part of the year has once again been essentially skipped over.


I love spring. I love cool mornings and pleasant sunshine, you know, the kind you don't think is out to murder you. I love the new beginnings. Oh, and new discoveries, like those baby birds I noticed the other day living on our porch. I love the possibilities spring brings forth.

But when it's 90 degrees outside, it's hard to think of any possibility besides melting.

It's been unseasonably warm all spring. Things were blooming too soon and although the sunshine and fresh spring air was welcomed in whole heartily, it still was problematic.

I heard on Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me a few weeks ago that March was the warmest March on record. Ever.  My office turned the air on a few times in April.

In April.

This shouldn't be happening.

However, I feel like the only thing I do about global warming is worry about it. I still drive too much and use too much electricity, etc. And also, especially now, it is so nice to work in an air conditioned kitchen (though it hardly feels like it) and then go to my air conditioned office, (which is especially nice after being all hot and sticky from working at Mojo's first). I do miss the breeze though. Still, it's rather hard to be uncomfortable about the state of the planet from inside an temperature controlled climate.

I am tired of this endless cycle. We keep making it get hotter and hotter outside and when it gets super hot outside way early, we turn on the air and wait it out. Catch-22 anyone?

In order to not let the feeling of defeat overtake me, I will say that we have not turned on our air yet. Hopefully that continues to be the trend. It is also nice too in the sense that I shower at night and since it is so warm out (and I am so warm after running, cooking and gardening), my showers are cooler. So that's better, right?

I want to do more though, (especially since the AC will eventually get switched on). I want to get us out of this mess.

I am really excited to go to Chatham University and eventually get some type of environment related job. So then maybe I can do something about my convictions besides just worry and blog about them. (Although, sometimes I wonder if I should really spend all that money that I for sure don't have in order to go to school, especially since my latest kick is currently wanting to work on an organic farm. Ironically, I cannot currently pursue that desire because I went to college. yep. hooray loans. Still, I sat in a class today for website redesign purposes and, oh my word, I wanted to smile the whole time. I miss being a student).

Needless to say, not unlike my future choices about school or farm life, I am unsure how to "save the planet" and keep it from killing my garden.

I know, I know, that mind set is part of the "defeat" part. I cannot single-handedly "save the planet." It is not mine alone to save.  All I can do is my share and hope that others join in.  


  1. Hi! This is a really random question, but I was online searching for more info on Chatham's Food Studies program and how difficult it is to get into, and your blog popped up. I haven't found much information on acceptance rates and recent grads. Are you currently a student in their program? If so, could you tell me more about it?
    Thanks a bunch!


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