The post-spring garden

Well, spring is coming to an end here in Kansas. How do I know this? Well, minus the off-again, on-again 90 degree weather that keeps hitting us here on the plains, the signs are also found in my garden.

Yesterday, I harvested one last sorry looking batch of spinach and then dug the rest up. I stood there for a minute, hoe in hand, trying to convince myself that having a season for everything is great. It is good and natural. It is unnatural to eat spinach in January. The only problem is I could eat spinach every day for a long long time and not get sick of it. I didn't get sick of it this spring even though Leah and I made big salads from it multiple times a week. There is still some in the fridge, so I will do my best to savor every bite of it. 

After I dug up my patch, I planted 4 more tomato plants. Actually, I got suckered into buying one of those cute cherry tomato plants (called Sugar Plum.. ah, so cute). I know once this plant is ready to harvest I will probably regret my choice. You can't can cherry tomatoes and actually you can do very little with them besides eat them raw. Hopefully this isn't too annoying. 

Also, my garden seems to be hanging in there, despite the incline in the temp. My other tomato plants are starting to bloom. So are the beans, which is especially great because they are looking very sad.

Remember those early girls that I had such a crush on earlier on this spring? Well, I haven't talked about them for a long time because I transplanted them into my garden box and thought I had killed them. Defeated, I did not feel like mentioning this on this blog. However, even though the transplant was really rough on them, they have pulled through. One of them has flowers on it! I am so excited! I would've been so sad if I had baby those plants so much only to kill them a few weeks later. 

Since this is the first summer that my life continues on as usual, I will have to look to my garden to tell me when summer has actually arrived, not the school calendar.