Well, I cannot believe this is happening. Tomorrow I head out on my next international journey to La Paz, Bolivia!

Don't worry. I am not going to be there for 10 months like I was when I lived in South Africa. Nah, nothing hard-core like that. I will be gone for a little over a week visiting my roommate from college, Jilly, and her husband, Lucas. My friend, Laura Frey, (who lives in Ohio), is meeting us down there too.

It's going to be oh so great.

However, I am still in the freaking out stages of my journey, which is typical.

Here are the reasons why I feel nervous:

1. I have never traveled internationally by myself before. That is very intimidating.

2. I don't know Spanish unless I am asking where's the bathroom. (Somewhat helpful, I guess. But not so helpful if people ask me questions at customs).

3. I won't have my phone or anyway of contacting any one when I first arrive. It's times when I don't have my phone that I realize how much of a "security blanket" it has become in my life. It's easy to feel "brave" and "adventurous" whenever I have that thing in my bag, just in case I need to call someone. Take it away from me and... uh.. how am I supposed to function? I don't even have a smart phone, which makes it feel even more sad.

4. I don't enjoy flying. I know I will be fine, but that doesn't stop me from feeling a little nervous. (Or from a little nauseous. I never feel truly sick, but just a little off the whole time. bah).

5. I am nervous I didn't pack correctly. You see that on my suitcase? Yep, that's my winter coat. I hope I have enough layers. It is winter down there, after all. (It's also going to be fun lugging that around Wichita, Dallas and Miami).

Surprisingly enough, I am doing okay right now. I guess the perk of having a ton of pent up, nervous energy is that it fuels my runs. I ran for a long time today - like a freaking champion. Now I feel so physically exhausted that I cannot really think straight. (Why I am choosing blogging over sleeping is beyond me. I am just that dedicated to you, my dear readers... and spam sites that hit this blog). Instead of being overly anxious about this trip to the point of tears or nausea, I will focus on the things I am excited about.

1. Seeing my dear, dear friends who I haven't seen for about a year now. I am also excited to see Jilly and Lucas in their environment and to catch up with these three wonderful people. This is the main reason. I could basically stop the list here. I cannot wait to sit and drink coffee with them and laugh. It's going to be so good for my soul.

2. Take a break from work.

3. All the great podcasts on my iPod, including The Bobby Bones Show, Wait wait....don't tell me, and How to do everything. That should keep my mind occupied on the plane.

4. Going to South America for the first time! One of the things on my "bucket list" is to eat ice cream on each inhabited continent. Even though it's winter there, I am determined to do this. That will bring my total up to 4/6. Not bad for a 25 year old.

5. Oh right. My birthday is this week. I keep forgetting because of all my getting ready/anxiety about Bolivia. I will be 25. Nothing helps take the edge off a quarter life crisis like celebrating it in a different country with friends. I told Jilly that for my birthday I want to eat ice cream and look at something beautiful. Those are my expectations.

6. Seeing a new culture and being in a place with people who know it well.

7. Taking photos, of course!

Ah yes, thinking about those 7 things is like taking a deep, deep breath. It will be fine.

Adios Amigos!*

* Oh yeah, I am not sure I will blog at all when I am down there. Most likely, I will write entries in my journal and post them here when I return to the States. So stay-tuned and look for them the last week in June!