The celebration of Friday

Today felt like a half-holiday. I didn't have to work at Mojo's this morning (which felt super strange). So after,  logging a few hours at the office, I was out of there a little before 11 a.m. crazy.

You know that feeling, back in the day, when you'd get out of school early? Yeah, it kind of felt like that. Plus, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and breeze was cool enough to keep the air off all day. What more could one ask for? 

On my half-day holiday, I decided to check out Beck's Farm - a peach farm outside of Newton. I had a lot of ambition this weekend to can peaches. But, I am leaving for Bolivia on Tuesday and have to work tomorrow. So after discovering their peaches will be around for a few more weeks, I decided to just hold of the canning craze. 

Instead, I bought a bag full of plums... even though I am leaving on Tuesday, which made me feel like "Uncle" Phil. Phil was one of our Mennonite Mission Network folks back in South Africa. He always bought a ton of fruit. And I mean a TON of fruit. It was awesome and delicious, but often fairly comical. I feel pretty determined to eat most of the plums though. It shouldn't be too hard. Plums are in my top five favorite fruits. So great! (Although, some of my plums from Beck's aren't all the way ripe yet. Regardless, I will power through. They tend to be about half hard and half juicy. So it's fine). 

Who wants to sit on the porch with me and eat these?

I also finally saw and bought rhubarb! This is the only time I've ever seen it in Kansas, besides the plot my friend is trying to establish in their yard. I don't know if not a lot of people grow it here or if I am always too late at the Farmer's markets to ever get some. (Probably the latter). Generally, I think rhubarb is weird. However, I do make a pretty good BBQ sauce with it. So I chopped it up when I got home and stuck it in the freezer to deal with when I get back to Kansas. 

what a weird thing... 

If those fruit discoveries weren't enough to make this day feel like a holiday today was day 1 of the Hesston garage sale weekend! I got back to town and suddenly there was so many cars! (Actually, I think a shift had just ended at Agco, but it still made the atmosphere feel as if something exciting was happening). 

I scoped out the garage sales with my friend, Janell, who is the champ at thrifting. She was also awesome good luck too because I found wonderful things. 

Hipster Owl Salt and Pepper shakers
I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE! Applesauce season is going to be so great! 

Hopefully my new mac bag... if I can get it to fit properly

I also got some of those plastic freezer containers and a funnel for canning season, some silicone baking sheets, and a gift for my new nephew. Overall, very successful. 

I don't think I've ever been so lucky at garage-saling in my life. Since I really trying not to buy new stuff for my new flat/room, this worked out well. Hooray for buying old things! (Also, kudos to old people so now I can try and be vintage and hipster. ha). 

And that was my celebration of Friday. Now I will go eat ice cream and sit on the couch.