Saturday Things

I hate packing.

I have a lot of irrational fears, which I know are ridiculous. However, there they are. A lot of these irrational fears come out when I am about ready to take a trip via plane... especially if that trip is out of the country.

Have I mentioned on here that I am going to Bolivia... NEXT WEEK.


I am determined to not check a bag. So far, so good, which is maybe saying a lot since it is going to be COLD down there. I think I did it though. Unless, I have a terrible airline and they claim my carry-on is too big. This is one of those irrational fears. I do not trust my bag to successfully travel internationally without me being next to it. It's going to be really tricky, especially since, I'm sure at some point, I will have to wear my winter coat when I am still on this side of the equator.

But despite all these stress things filling my brain, I did manage to fill my suitcase. So, I am essentially all ready to go. I just better not buy anything when I am down there. Oh dear.

Anyway, this post isn't only about me stressing out about traveling and packing (which I am sure is so great to read. ha. Thanks for sticking this out).

Today was also part 2 of the Hesston city wide garage sale. So great! My friends, Ethan and Levent, and I traveled about town for most of the morning. We generally struck out every place we went. Actually, now that I think about it, I am pretty sure I am the only one who found stuff, unless you count Levent's KU cup. Even though my finds weren't as frequent as yesterday's, I did manage to get some boy band jams (yes, please), a cool retro orange chair (which is at my new place already so no photo today), and this awesome pressure cooker.

Speaking of irrational fears, I am afraid of this thing. I love canning. I've done it a lot of times before. But last fall I had a pressure cooker explode on me, so this thing makes me nervous. But, I am going to try it out anyway.

Good thing I got it. Why? Well, I picked the first of my green beans today.

I really wish I would put my garden on pause while I travel. I don't want to miss all these goodies. I am, though, pretty pumped to see what it looks like when I get back. Hopefully, not a shriveled mess.

Those are my Saturday things for today.