weekend road warriors

This past weekend was super crazy. I got back from Bolivia on Wednesday, but didn't get back to Kansas until Thursday. On Friday, Leah and I headed to northern Illinois for a wedding. We knew going into this that was gong to be very tough. Leah is 7 months pregnant and I knew that I was going to be tired. Even though we knew this going in to it, we still laughed it off thinking, "eh, we'll be fine."

It was not fine. On top of everything, I got sick, we got stuck in traffic and we ended up adding three hours to our trip. Oh no.

Despite the exhaustion and the South American side effects and the traveling parts, it was a pretty good weekend. This was my third wedding as a photographer and it was maybe the best one yet as far as my confidence level as well as the location. The wedding was on a farm outside of Aurora, Illinois. It was so beautiful. Plus, it just so happened to be overcast. Perfection. (Stay tuned for the link to the photos. I still have so much photo editing to do. It's going to be awhile).

Leah and I had planned on going into Chicago on Sunday morning. And then we googled the farm and realized, oh, it was not very close to Chicago at all. We did manage to find a cool breakfast place in Bollingbrook called Honey-Jam Cafe. I love eating brunch, especially with my sister. It definitely helped to make our road trip seem more fun and exciting, despite the fact that we never got into the city.

Breakfast sandwich with egg, spinach, feta, roasted red peppers and (removable) bacon. yum. 

Leah asked for a glass of milk and they gave her 16+ ounces. We laughed a lot. So much milk!

(Also, can I just say that the suburbs are the worst? They are. They are the worst. The "towns" are so close together that the only way you can tell you made it to another is by the next collection of targets. Seriously. Northern Illinois is like one giant strip mall. No wonder the earth is dying. It was awful - like dimension of hell awful. If I ever live in a place like that, I will have failed myself).

Another highlight of the trip, was making a very quick stop down in Morton to see my favorite kidos in the world - my niece and nephew, Titus and Mikaela. This was also a bonus because we got to eat lunch with my family.

Our crazy fly-away hairs must run in the fam

Even with those highlights, I am so glad to be home to catch up with life and sleep. I think I might be getting too "old" to do 12 hour (one way) road trips in a weekend. Next time, I will fly. But we "champed it out"... well, at least we survived.