My no good, very bad, horrible week

This is what happens to our lives in July.

I feel ya, sunflower

Y'all. I am not trying to be Debbie Downer in this blog post tonight, but let me just say that things are not going very well this week. Maybe it's because it's July - the month that makes me wish for the fall, (which is very odd. If you know me and know this blog, you know I long for the warm weather months all stinking year). It also might because of my lack of sleep, my lack of steady exercise, the 53 hours I am working this week, the fact that I am living out of suitcases this month (which means my stuff has already exploded all over the place, generally causing much stress), how far behind I am on my wedding photo editing, or maybe it's because I finally got the courage to schedule a hair cut... and it was a disaster.

This is why my hair became a security blanket. I thought this whole time it was because I was putting too much of my self-worth into it, and sure maybe I was a little bit. But actually the reason I never cut my hair is because no one on this planet knows how to cut it. I feel like Hermione Granger from the first Harry Potter movie. Triangle head. ugh. I am so mad that I paid a ton of money for something my sister could've done. My hair is so much like a bush that I am seriously going to call tomorrow and make them fix it. In my mind, this was just going to be the "pre-trim" hair cut before I really do something drastic in the fall. This was part of my "things to do when I am 25" list. Well, I think I am going to count this cut as that because, no thanks, I don't even want to begin to guess what that will look like. I know I am freaking out too much about this, especially since I can still pull it back so no one will ever notice it's different. But as much as I love Harry Potter, this is not what I am striving for... oh my word.

Okay, but enough with the bad, right? After all, none of it is really bad. If this were twitter I would use the hash tag #firstworldproblems since none of these things are actual, real life problems.

So, let me instead tell you about three very good things.

Yesterday, at Mojo's I made roasted cherry brownies. holy crap. They are awesome. (This is good because I love trying out new recipes instead of just making cinnamon rolls).

For my good thing number two, I would like to give a shout out to Tiana, my dear Radical Journey friend and now co-worker. She has saved my butt twice this week. What a champion.

You will notice the human baby-sized zucchini she is holding. Well friends, that is from the Sharp's garden. The only reason why this counts as a good thing is because we are going to use it at Mojo's. I am going to conduct some baking experiments. While I completely expect lots of things to go wrong (since I am trying to use this veggie to make a dietetic friendly muffin with natural sweeteners), it will be fun nevertheless. And besides, there is so much of this squash that I can make a ton of failed batches and still have more leftover.

Oh, and a bonus good thing! Jill Schlabach moves to Prairie on Monday! I cannot wait. It is going to forever change my prairie-living life for the better.

I just have to get through this week.