The bright side

July makes me want to throw in the towel, to borrow the cliche, if I may. (Sorry Jeff Gundy). But it is true.

Screen shot from this past week
Who lives here on purpose?

Oh, right. I do.

My sister told me the other day that her coworker has "thrown in the towel" in terms of her garden. She uprooted her tomatoes.

I have never "summered" in Kansas, so I had no idea that I could get to this point myself. Yes, me, the person who dreams of gardening all winter long, and now I want to give up. My garden is looking very sad. I've only managed to can 12 pints worth of tomatoes out of the 18 plants that I started out with. And I cannot bare to report the rest of my garden news because it breaks my heart. Every day I go out there, something else is dead.  I don't even want to go outside any more, but I still do, faithfully watering what remains.

It's pretty easy to be grumpy right now. The weather alone makes me feel grumpy, sweaty and terribly angry and hateful. I have no desire to go outside, have had terrible runs, am so unproductive at work, and what is worse yet is that I don't even want to write. I have so many things I could blog about about, but I don't. What is worth living for in Kansas during these trying months?

I named this blog post "the bright side" mostly out of irony since I've spent the first half of this post complaining. It is also ironic because how bright it is outside is part of the problem. It's that horrible heat and light that hits your face immediately when you go outside. No clouds. No rain. Only sun on repeat.

But I really want to focus on the bright side of things, even if life seemed to punch me right in the gut this weekend.  After all, this is just a season. Some day, October will come and I am so grateful to live in a world where there are Octobers, (to quote Anne Shirley).

So, in order to end this post on a more interesting note, here are my "bright side" things (but not the scorch your eyeballs out and kill your tomatoes kind, but the happy, iced coffee, good book, Olympic spirit types of things).


Yes, Canada. Please plan my week!

In my mind, it is cool and beautiful and green and blue and every kind of lovely you can image. I've been thinking about the great, white north a lot this past week. First of all, I've been reading the Anne of Green Gables series, which I somehow missed during my childhood. The story, as you may know, takes place on Prince Edward Island. So, if I was to wish myself away from this place right now, that is where I would go. I love the east coast.

But you might have noticed that this screen shot weather forecast from this past week is for Vancouver. This is because I've decided that next summer, if I am still in this blasted state in July, I will not be here in this blasted state in July. Or at least part of it. I talked with a few of my friends about going and British Columbia came out ahead of P.E.I., which does not really matter. Look at that weather. Also, I've heard it is amazingly beautiful. I have officially started saving. Even if my friends don't think this is a real thing, oh, it is happening. Even if I go alone, I will go. I know Canadians. I will make this happen. I am already pining away for it. I once thought choosing to go to Bolivia during their winter season was crazy, not any more. I will happily choose cooler weather during my summer months from here on out.

2. I have been reading Anne of Green Gables. (See reference in #1). I am almost done with book three. I love books that help me escape my current, hot, monotonous life. These books do that perfectly. Plus, I love light summer reads. (Not that I usually read anything "heavy" in the winter).

3. Even if my garden is struggling, local farmer's are hanging in there. Thank God for farmer's markets. I am still not used to the Kansas growing season because I am still surprised by it. Butternut squash is now readily available. On some level, I do feel a little cheated. Butternut squash is one of my very favorite things about fall. Oh well, different doesn't mean wrong. I will gladly eat this squash now.

4. THE OLYMPICS ARE ON! (How is this number 4? It should be the first one). I love any type of competition where nations compete. (For me, this basically means the Olympics and the world cup). It's so great. All I want to do is sit in front of the TV and watch hours of footage and scream at Michael Phelps and cry during Bob Costas special interests stories. My friends and I had an opening ceremonies party on Friday. Favorite part of the ceremony?: When Matt Lauer said, "I am not sure if the this cute or creepy," in reference to this giant baby. (The answer: creepy). Overall, the ceremonies were very strange, but still fun to watch. And who would've thought that about 50 Mary Poppins could beat Lord Voldemort? Strange.

For our little gathering, I wanted to bring some "Olympic-themed" snacks. So I brought food the color of each ring.  Dang. I love me some Olympics. Also, I really wish I could be best friends with Kerri Walsh-Jennings. 

Blue (corn chips), yellow (watermelon), Black (well chocolate peppermint cookies), Green (guacamole), and red (watermelon)
5. My sister asked me to spend the weekend with her since Jeron was out of town. It's been a fun sister-filled weekend. I love being able to live in the same town as Leah. It is a blessing to see her every single day. She makes me less crazy and more joyful.

6. I was able to have coffee with my sister and two wonderful friends on Saturday morning at Sips in Moundridge. Since they are moving in the near-ish future, I am so thankful to spend time with them. I think every weekend should begin with friends and coffee.

7. Homemade ice cream. BAM. The best.

And yes, it is sitting on my bedroom floor

8. I finally applied to grad school. I still don't know if I will ever get to go, because how does one eat, pay rent and go to grad school? But at least it is a step forward.

Those are the things that don't burn my eyes out.