Thoughts on turning 25

It's almost been a month since I turned 25, but since this one felt like a significant birthday I feel as if I must go back and mention it.

My friends and I did not intentionally plan our La Paz trip over my birthday. It just so happened to occur during the time that worked for every one. So we went. It was an awesome choice. I should maybe spend every significant birthday in a new country.

I told my friends prior to the trip that my only real expectation for my birthday was to eat some ice cream and to see something beautiful. All of these things happened during the duration of the trip so I believe it was a very successful birthday.

The following is an excerpt from my journal during my stay in La Paz

17 June 2012, Sunday
It was nice being here for my 25th. Spending this birthday in La Paz feels more exciting and more full of adventure than it would've otherwise. The 12 year old in my usually gets a little disappointed on my birthday. I always expect it, like Christmas, to be full of out of the ordinary events. It never really is like that. But that was not true this year. Everything was actually special. On my birthday, Jilly kept asking me if I was having a good birthday. Whenever she asked me that question I always had to stop and remember, "Oh, right, today is my birthday." This wasn't because it was bad. It was just that everything was so new and interesting that my birthday took a back seat to it. In fact, it probably was the best birthday I've had in awhile. This whole trip has felt like one big celebration. I am glad that I got to be in this place with these friends. Celebrating life surrounded by community who I dearly love makes every part of this "quarter life crisis" (that I am quite possibly having) seem not that big of deal. That is maybe the best birthday gift right there. 
I do want to be more intentional about my life. I am 25 after all and I am prone to give into society expectations for what my life "should" look like right now. That is hard when none of them are currently a reality. Because of that, for a long time, my life has felt as if it has been on "pause." No more. I need to start living my own life and stop putting so much pressure on myself to be a certain way by a certain time. That's not who I want to be. 
So, I decided to make my own list of things I hope to accomplish in my 25th year of life. (I thought about making 25 goals, but that seemed like a lot. So I decided to just see how many I could easily think of and see what happens after that).
Go to South America (Check!...I always like to start off with one I  can cross off right away). 
- Learn how to make cheese and/or yogurt
- Find creative ways to reduce how much waste I produce. (i.e. find/make handkerchiefs to use instead of kleenex)
- Be brave enough to start writing again and find the courage to start sending some of it out there again.
- Find ways to promote my photography
- Start painting again
- Learn a few sewing basics
-Find ways to be more content with who I am, no matter how many pimples still remain on my 25 year old face.
- Stop using my hair as a security blanket and cut it! It's time, Anna. Just do it. Who cares. No one will mistake you for a boy. 
- Find ways to meet new people (even if I am still in Kansas) and maybe, if I can figure out how to be charming enough, go on at least one date.
- Apply to grad school and/or at least have a different occupational plan then my current situation by the time I am 26 
All of here things feel reasonable, even if I am intimidated by some of them. I want to enjoy my life more and more with each passing year and not let some type of "mini-life crisis" get in the way of that. I really hope this next year is a good one. Since that is mostly up to me, I am sure it is a real possibility. 
Those were my thoughts for being 25. I will let you know my progress with that list as the year progresses. Stay tuned. It ought to be interesting.