vegan balls

You know it's pretty bad outside when your zucchini is giving up. 

Even though this is the case,  I still have plenty to use. This evening, I finally got around to trying this vegan recipe for black bean and zucchini balls, which are kind of like a play off meatballs. 

Super tasty. 

Actually, when I was eating these guys for supper, I realized that I am not sick of zucchini. Well, in theory, I probably am but I really like the challenge of trying to find recipes for what I have. This is why I planted eggplant, (but, alas, I am very doubtful if it is going to pull through). 

Anyway, this recipe is super easy and quick, which is nice for Mondays evenings. (The evening I go to my step aerobics class. Yes. Just like the 90s). 

Black Bean Zucchini Balls

Saute in oil until tender:
1 - 2 cups shredded zucchini
onion, minced

In a separate bowl mash:
1 can black beans

Add sautéd veggies to the black beans. Add:
1-2 t soy sauce
a handful of oats

Form into balls and roll into bread crumbs (preferably the homemade kind... as in some old bread you just crumble with your hands). 

Fry balls in a little bit of oil. Serve with marinara sauce. Chomp. 

*Adapted from The Vegan Stoner (which is my favorite vegan blog. It is maybe the only truly practical and easy one I've found. They served these "meatball alternatives" with pasta. Since I am not always a pasta fan (and did not have very much marinara sauce) I just opted to eat them solo style). 

With the exception of the butter on my corn, my supper tonight was completely vegan. So I made sure I did not skip on my B12 tonight.