Cabin Fever

Well friends. I'm back. The Olympics are over (well, minus the closing ceremonies, which I decided to skip out on and just youtube highlights tomorrow).

I am now faced with the question: what in the world did I used to do with my time before the Olympics?

I have no idea.

With the games being over, I find myself in kind of a post-Christmas funk.

Now what?

I never knew I could ever experience the same things I feel in the middle of winter in summer. With these insane weather conditions outside, I feel like I am coming down with cabin fever... in August.

I don't believe this to be that far fetched. After all, I am confined to the indoors due to extreme weather conditions outside, which makes life feel not worth living. It feels as if nothing interesting (well, minus the olympics of course) has happened in a long time.

This is not true. And actually, right before the Olympics started I moved into a new place. How does one shake up cabin fever? By getting a new cabin.

The "new cabin"

I've just started to decorate. So this baby picture of my Mama is the only thing I have up so far.

The beautiful quilt my Gram made for me from South African fabric. It is the best thing I'ver ever owned 
Besides, it's actually starting to cool off now (at least in the evenings). Maybe with some cooler weather, I will find my desire to write again. In the meanwhile, sorry blog, you have been horribly ignored. Here's to hoping that cooler weather will bring out more interesting things (and better perspectives).