Heavy Boots and Bucket.

Today it rained.

(I started this blog incorrectly. It should really say, TODAY IT RAINED!!!!)

I am extremely grateful for this rain, but it is gloomy nevertheless. And since I have been on a Weepies kick as far as music goes and since I just finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, I kind of feel like I have "heavy boots" just now.

This phrase, heavy boots, is how the main character of that book describes his sadness. Lots of things give him heavy boots - from the very serious to the ordinary (like Microsoft Windows).

I like that phrase heavy boots. It seems very fitting.

This is what gives me heavy boots currently: Quinoa. The treatment of Muslims in America. Corn. Making bagels. Student Loans. My knowledge of Miley Cyrus. My ability to eat spinach all year long. HTML. Ranch dressing. Kansas. Running. Verizon Wireless. Dish soap. Do-to lists.


But today it rained! (yes, exclamation mark this time). After months and months of horrible dryness, the cool breeze dancing through my window right now is enough to motivate me to remove my heavy boots and go barefoot for awhile.

Every week at the office, I listen a variety of podcasts and stations on iheart radio. I love them. They get me through my day quickly. As per usual, I was listening to a recent episode of Joy the Baker podcast. (Sorry, I realize that I mention her almost every blog post. Apparently, I am a super fan). In this particular episode, Joy and her friend, Tracy, were talking about YOLO, which is a super annoying acronym that stands for You Only Live Once. In my mind, if you use this phrase in real life, you are probably a D-bag. Sorry. But there it is. Really, it often is used as an excuse for 20-somethings to make terrible, regrettable choices. Joy and Tracy then talked briefly about "YOLO" things that don't need to be negative. I liked this take on this dumb, spring break phrase. What are some things that helped me enjoy  life this week?

Good question.

On the podcast, Joy asked Tracy if she would say YOLO in real life. To that, Tracy said "Bucket!" Now, I am generally new to this podcast so correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure this is a reference to Joy and Tracy's summer bucket list. Whether this is correct or not, I like it. Bucket lists are overwhelming to me. I only have one thing on mine and I find myself wondering, what if I don't do it? (Whatever, I totally will). Still, that's a lot of pressure. I like declaring "Bucket!" for everything that I find along (what feels like) my mundane life that gives me joy, even if it is maybe shallow and generally insignificant. My main goal should be to enjoy the life I am given. Even if I live in Kansas.

Here are some things I've collected for this bucket.

1. July is a lonely time in Kansas. The weather is terrible so everyone leaves. But August brought about the return of friends to the prairie and even the possibility of new friendships. That feels pretty incredible.

My friend, Tracy (different Tracy), came to visit me!

More friends at the HC Mod Olympics

2. The arrival of cooler evenings. I want it to be fall so badly, but for now I am happy with the lovely drop in temperature at night. I love sitting outside on the porch in the evenings. I love seeing other people outside in the evenings. One of the first cool evenings, I went on a walk and am pretty sure everyone in town was out riding their bikes. This helps me remember that I am not alone in the desert.

3. Watermelon. duh.

(I am so grateful that I can buy this melon at the farmer's market. So yummy).

Also, I've been looking for a reason to share this photo with you all. I found this gem at my desk job. Apparently these are some Bethel Alumni back in 1913. Awesome. I wish I lived back then because I would've tried to get all their numbers... and by that I mean whatever the equivalent of that was back in the day-day. Address? Winks? It would've happened.

4. Vintage finds! I forget how awesome the Et Cetera Shop is in Newton. This dress is from the 1950s. Plus, it succeeds where most dresses I look at fail: it is made out of cotton. That's the only thing I want to wear when it's hot.

5. Cooler weather means switching up my morning beverage choice to dirty chai's. yum. Seriously. so good. (Plus I made the Chai mix too, so that feels even more extraordinary).

6. THE RAIN! I woke up this morning to the odd sound of rain pouring down on the roof. It was so lovely...

7. My new runners finally came! After much physical distress caused by my older "new shoes" (much grumbling here), I finally broke down and got new shoes. (Grumpy face). I had to send them back because I needed a bigger size. So there was lots of waiting involved. (And lots of weird alternative exercise, like me trying to swim laps in the wellness center pool. Thankfully no one was ever there because I looked like a complete fool). Finally, yes, they are here. I cannot wait to remake my workout playlist and hit the gym hard on Monday.

Those are my things.

And if you ever say YOLO to me in real life, I might want to punch you in the mouth. But if you say "bucket," well, then I guess I'll let it slide.