Yoder Days

Well, my summer is now complete. I enjoyed free bluegrass outside. No, I am not in Asheville, (despite how much I would love to be there right now). I am actually still in Kansas.

I am actually very pleasantly surprised by the number of concerts I've been to since living here. Yes, even in rural Kansas. I love outdoor concerts and now that the weather has cooled down and people can go outside again, they are starting to pop up again. 

This evening took a few friends and me to "Yoder Days" (in Yoder, Kansas) to catch The Steel Wheels. Oh my, they were so good. I love folk music and mandolins and banjos and male harmonies and hipster bassists with tree tattoos. The only thing that was missing was little kids clogging in front of the stage. 

It was a lovely evening because of the music venue, but also because of the new friendships I got to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Annali