A terrible post about something awesome

This blog post is going to be terrible.

I have too many different things I want to say, none of which connect to one another. I also need to be sleeping right now or reading in The Hobbit instead of breaking my "no internet after work" rule, established to save my poor eyes and head from the glare of the screen and my soul from Facebook syndrome. But I also watched a lot of TV tonight (it is Thursday after all) and drank a lot of root beer. (red flag. Since these are things I want to/should/try to avoid). But what can you do. This is real life. (Besides that was probably the first soda I've had since...um, well I cannot remember. It's been a few months. So, guilt conscious, get off me.)

So, what about this awesome topic, hey? We are already in the 3rd paragraph after all. Well, my friends. Add this to my "adult things to do" because I got a real, grown up job today! Not to undermine what I am currently doing, because by "adult" I mean a job that is salary based. I've had terribly paying jobs since the beginning of my employment life, so it kind of feels like I won the lottery a little bit. Paying off my college loans now seems like it could eventually happen in my lifetime.  Amazing, though I am still not really using my degree (but hey it was in creative writing. It's amazing people want to hire me at all).

But I haven't even mentioned what it is yet. Well, I will be the assistant to the donor relations office at the Mennonite Central Committee's North Newton office. I am literally going next door from Bethel's campus to my new office.

I am excited about this for several reasons: the pay, a new transition, and the fact that "back in the day" when I first worked at Mojo's (before I moved to Chicago and then moved back), I used to drive by MCC's office and long to work there. I wasn't pining after anything particular. Instead, I think it used to symbolize having an "adult" job instead of working in food service. It symbolized "knowing what I wanted to do with my life."

It is now ironic that I will be working in that very building, mostly because I think I have come to an understanding about my "knowing that I want to do with my life." I don't know. But I am over that idea. Essentially. My life isn't about a job or a career. Who cares. Life has so many aspects to it. Why do I try to nail down it's whole identity in something so silly like a job? It's what I do, or partly, but it's not who I am. I am glad my 25 year old self has finally owned that, well, at least sometimes. (As a human, I reserve the right to be flaky). (Oh. also, high-five 25!).

Still, I am excited to work in that building and for MCC. I love what MCC does and am so grateful to be a part of it, even if only in this small way.

If you have been sticking with this blog since it's rebirth, then you might know how terribly I am at handling transitions. True, they suck. But I am so excited about this current transition. Will I miss certain elements of my current jobs? Sure. But I am really looking forward to what is up ahead of me.


Farewell, current office.... well in two-three weeks)