My adult thing for September

I have often found "being an adult" to be rather intimidating, like I am suddenly supposed to know and converse in insurance lingo and really enjoy wearing blazers. No big deal. I'm an adult. 


Minus everything and anything that is insurance, I have found that I really enjoy being 25. It is really surprising to me actually. But one's brain is supposedly fully developed at this age, and I believe it. I am more sure of myself (well, at times), and I am ready to own who I am. 

One of those "owning who I am" moments came today when I fully embraced the prairie and stopped pretending like I am from North Carolina. I am from Hesston, Kansas. Yes. Kansas. And although it not where I come from, nor is it where I will remain, it is where I am in real life right now and I need to own that. 

Recently, I decided that I need to set "adult goals" for each month in order to help me feel less overwhelmed and helpless about adult things. While fairly ridiculous in theory, it has actually helped me out a lot. This month's goal: switch all my car stuff over to Kansas. (Next month's goal is going to the dentist). 

Actually, it was a good thing I gave myself a month to accomplish this current auto goal. It took me forever to sort out my insurance, figure out when I can get my car inspected (because they are only open on Friday mornings. ugh. small towns...), etc. But it is finally all done. Today I champed it all out.  

(Also, can we just have a quick sidebar about the fact that the state of Kansas is still living in the 90s. None of the offices I went to this afternoon took credit or debit cards. But the most ridiculous thing is that they print of your new State id on a receipt! You carry that around for a week or so until your real one comes in the mail. I am going to have to try really hard to not throw it away. I worked at a DMV in Illinois one summer. We could print people's new cards off in less than 5 minutes. Kansas, what is happening here?)  

I thought I was going to have a really hard time letting go of my North Carolina plate and license. True, I find my new Kansas plate to look very odd on my car and fear that I will no longer be able to find where I parked, but it was okay.  (Besides, I still have my Appalachian bumper sticker to represent). 

I know I often stomp around in my Kansas hater boots, especially after this summer, but I understand that it is okay to be here. Part of learning to enjoy my life is appreciating the place around me. Even though I find things here less desirable than the Blue Ridge Mountains, Kansas is still a good place to be because of Leah, Jeron, Malakai, Scooter, Amy, Joy, Julie, Larry, Nelda, Nicole, Jordan, Janell, Ethan, Levent, Kyle, Jill, Annali, Jasmine, and everyone else here who enhances my community.  

It's okay to be here. 

Plus, I was able to celebrate Kansan life tonight with Jill at my new favorite place in Wichita: Passage to India. (oh my word. so good. I am so happy I finally have a friend here who loves Indian food as much as I do. I've been waiting for this moment for so long!)


So farewell my beloved North Carolina identity. I am glad you were a part of my story. Hello, official Kansas life. I am glad you are part of my story too.