Fall, fall, fall

After months of sweating out my entire insides, today felt like winter. With the high barely hitting 50, the grey sky and the mists of rain, the cold felt colder than usual.


But, I've been trying really hard to not drink so much "hater-ade," (you know, the stuff that causes me to hate seriously everything). So during this hate-fast, I am trying really hard to celebrate the seasons.

Despite today's temps, celebrating fall was pretty easy to do this weekend.

I started this weekend off right by having a few of my "J" friends over for supper on Friday night. (J friends simply means my friends whose names start with the letter J. aka Jill, Jasmine and Janell). To add yet another J, I made a very fall meal from Joy the Baker's blog, (which I love). If you are looking for something that is warm and comforting with hints of love and gravy, while still being vegetarian, than Joy's caramelized mushrooms and dumplings is for you.

Not the best photo, but I promise you it was great

Plus, we ended the evening with warm fall-inspired drinks from the Lincoln Perk and Harry Potter. (Sidebar: I am so glad I am starting to have more friends who appreciate Harry Potter as much as I do). Awesome.

Today's fall activity was brought to us by the Kansas Barn Sale, which is this craft show/yard sale just outside of Hesston. It's an annual event that has apparently been getting bigger every year. I was hoping for way more antiques to sort through, but it was mainly on the crafty side of things. (It kind of looked like Pinterest threw up all over that yard, in a good way). Still, I walked away with a new, old rolling pin, local honey, and cash left in my pocket. Not a bad morning.

Best food truck name ever

You know how I love knowing where stuff comes from... 

True, it was rainy, but spending the morning at the sale with Leah and Nicole was pretty great.

Memories of July are still fresh in my mind, so layering up in socks and sweaters today was actually rather enjoyable. This is a fairly different attitude than usual, since I hate wearing all my clothes at once and don't like sweaters because they make me look like a man. However, today I rather enjoyed it, especially since I got to wear my new sweater from La Paz.
llama, llama, llama

My wool socks Jilly's step-mom knitted for me. Best ever. Plus my BFFFF (best friend forever freakin' forever) has a matching pair). Yep, these are my friendship socks. 
And now I must crawl under the covers with an Agatha Christie book and go into a fall-induced coma.

Happy Fall, y'all!