This Kansas Life

We finally got internet, which means I will get around to blogging once again. (Hooray!) But ever since I moved into 417 S Main, life has suddenly picked up a lot of steam. And it's not even summer. It's awesome. 

New job. New House. New instagram. Life is really great right now. Here are some things I am really enjoying right now. 

1. Breakfast with Annali (and Jas too if our breakfast schedules line up). It's a wonderful start to the work day, especially if we have a "weekend worthy" breakfast.

2.  My new job at MCC. I still know very little about what I am doing, but it is coming. Besides, working for an organization that does awesome things for relief, development and peace all over the world is wonderful. 

3.  The "new" espresso machine in the break room at work. Diana, my co-worker, found a baby espresso maker at the Et Cetera shop for $2.50. It has revolutionized our breaks. Everyday, I look forward to 3 p.m. 


4.  Living at 417 with Annali and Jasmine. They make me like living in Kansas, and as you might know, this is a big deal because, after all, it is Kansas... 

5. Speaking of 417, our home is central place for friend gatherings and game nights. Awesome. 

6. Another good Kansas thing is that some days are very mild. Last Saturday I was able to fulfill my ultimate autumn desire - wearing a sweater with shorts. It was the best. 

7. Hesston Mennonite Church's 3rd Annual soup off. It is delicious. I have been around since the beginning of it and I love it every single time. 

8. Watching this baby bear growing up into an actual person. He is great. He finally has started smiling at me. The best. 

9.  Riding my bike around town. Annali andI went on a Friday evening bike ride with Scooter (my sister's dog). It was the best way to start a weekend. 

10.   Baking for fun. Today I used up the rest of the apples of the season by making a pie for Thanksgiving, and then freezing it so it's all ready to bake on Thursday. Since my sister and I are making Thanksgiving together for our brother's family, I hope pre-made pie will help take some stress out of the way. I've never made an entire Thanksgiving meal before. It could get interesting. 

11. Tonight was the Hesston Mennonite youth's fundraiser meal for Convention. (They are also raising money for their "sister" youth group to go as well. Very cool). It was a "French Meal," which was delicious and a lot of fun. Plus, hanging out with Jill, Janell, Marissa, Annali, Jasamine, Mitch, and Cory is always a good way to spend a Saturday evening. 

Thank you, instagram, for capturing my joy so beautifully.