A [photo] in the life

Winter is such a dormant time for my photography and blog. This week has been no exception. I did, however, manage to capture a few, even if they were somewhat pitiful. Here are some photos of the day to day...
When I got home from Albuquerque last week, I found a Christmas surprise waiting for me from  Linda, an old family friend from Illinois who follows my blog. It was so exciting. 
Back to work

The owls had a rough few days this week. I came home one day and found them at odds with each other. 

This is my 12.12.12 face. I had to capture this date somehow. 

While helping my friends pack up their house, I found this gem from December 1998. 

This sign was hanging up in their house among all the moving boxes. I thought it was fitting. 
Speaking of friends who are moving (to Florida, by the way), I was able to spend Saturday morning with Nelda and Nicole (as well as Julie, Leah and Malakai) one last time. We headed to Wichita for brunch at the good egg and then explored some of the local gems.

I love me some eggs benedict 

And that, folks, is all I have to show from this week.

No one ever comments on my blog, but I really need ideas about what I should blog about next. So here is your chance to speak up, followers. I have hit a creative wall. Please help me.