This week, I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for MCC connecting meetings. Outside of sitting in meetings, this is what I did:

1. Learned how to spell Albuquerque
2. Ate a lot of really good food
3. Acted like a crazy person on Instagram (mostly because we had some down time and I didn't take my real-life camera with me).

The entrance to the Madonna Center (where we stayed)

The view

Break time

Every room had this strange photo of Jesus in it

Supper at Pueblo Harvest

Bison meatloaf with chipotle ketchup, served with mashed potatoes (with green chilies) and saut├ęd squash. yum.  

The Madonna Center's awesome phone booths

Dusk over the city. (No filter)

Supper at the Thai Tip Restaurant 

My Thai Green Iced Tea. 

All the rice came in these cute shapes. This is my Thai Teddy Bear

The city lights

Staring contest

This was the view from our meeting room. 

I am a terrible adult and just doodle all of the time... even in meetings. opps. 

Thankfully, we had some free time to explore Old Town

This Christmas tree is made out of plastic water bottles

Indian food at Taaj Palace

Getting ready to board our flight home... via Dallas