Christmas in Instagrams

Merry Christmas, y'all

My alias in ATL 

Christmas at mom and dad's 

To the Bat Cave! 

Supper with the parents 

Indian food is my love language. hmm. so good. 

Cleaning out some old Bluffton stuff that was still lingering

Coffee at Green Sage... (one of the times at least. We went a total of 3 different times when I was home)

The Dripolator in Black Mountain. I think our goal was to drink coffee some place new every day. 

Goodies at Old Europe

Forced family fun

Thanks mom! I am so excited to try these recipes!

Christmas dinner

Brunch at Early Girl Eatery. Best. 
Early Girl's local vendors. Love this. 

Sugar container

Poached eggs on grits cakes with spinach tomatoes avo and tomato gravy. 

Coffee time/work time at Old Europe
My "office view" for the afternoon

Love Asheville

Supper with Mom at Zoe's Kitchen. This is my grilled pimento cheese sandwich with braised white beans. 

Ice cream at the Hop

Yep. All I did on holiday was eat. It was so tasty.