Breaking in 2013

I can't believe New Years Eve was just a few days ago. We made mentioned of that fact this evening at supper and, wow, that seems ages. It's been 2013 for years now.

Well, not quite. But this week has been long and surprising hectic. So much so that I have yet to have time to reflect on the previous year that we so nicely recorded for the books.

I think I've been avoiding this blog post as well. I knew I wanted to write it but reviewing an entire year seemed really daunting...and really long.

Then I realized that my blog is archived and if I want a long, detailed list of 2012, I can just look back.

2012 has been a good year, surprisingly enough. It's amazing to think how different my life is from January 2012 to right now. All of these transitions have helped me appreciate Kansas life, and that is probably my biggest achievement this past year.

2012 was full of good things; I moved into my new place; I got a new job that I love; I went to South America; I built up my photography portfolio a little bit more; I did manage to grow something in the garden, (even if most of what I planted died); And I braved more adventures in the kitchen (including making pasta for the first time). These are all great things.

And I don't say all these things to make my life look so awesome. I know social media and blogs tend to be a mess of mirrors that enable us to flash our lives in front of others. Instead, I list these things in an act of gratitude. It also is helpful for some prospective. Not everything in 2012 was great, but looking back I am glad that everything has brought me to where I am right this moment.

A New Year means new adventures, new heartache, new disappointments, new joys, new knowledge. And I am ready for all of it.

Bring it on, 2013.  I believe you will be a great one.