Dear Blog, I've been in meetings...

Dear Blog,

I have neglected you for reasons that are completely lame. I realize that. But it was Christmas, I was traveling, I was in meetings, it's Wednesday, it's winter, Downton Abbey was on television. You know, all the usual excuses for this time of the year.

You must admit, dearest blog, that it is a normal thing for a blog about "returning to the land" to be pretty low key during the most low-key time of the year. It is not quite time to start seeds yet and I did not grow root vegetables this year so my kitchen adventures have not been very true to my theme here, despite how much I want them to be.

In the meanwhile, please note that I continue to search for new ideas and anxiously await spring.

I remain yours faithfully,


PS. You should know that my excuse about meetings was a valid one. This past week I was in Akron, PA for orientation. I did not take my real camera, for obvious reasons, but thanks to Instragram, I did capture a little bit of the week.

Rocking chairs in the Harrisburg airport. They apparently want to be the south

I did a lot of chilling in my room

I was going to try really hard to not doodle during the meetings, but then they enabled me with a crayon on the first day

One evening we took a trip to the Material Resource Center. It was awesome. 

I drank a ton of terrible coffee

During my down time, I was able to see my fellow Bluffton alum, Cody, who lives in Lancaster. We kept eating at this place called Roburrito

We did a little thrifting

We didn't buy this, but it was tempting... 

Cody had told me he wanted to be in an instagram photo. So I told him my goal was to make that dream come true for him and that I would creepily make sure that happened. check. done. 

Yep, this is an entire pie pan of nachos. Best. 

On Friday night we went to the Chameleon club to see a folk band...

... but then their opening bands would not stop playing. So we only stayed to hear these guys play a few songs. (They are the Vinegar Creek Constituency)

Lancaster, PA

Heading home...