DIY Greek Yogurt. Check. Done.

So back in June, I made this list of things to do before I turn 26. I typically refer to it as my 25th year bucket list (since I seem to make bucket lists now for everything, thanks to Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean). Well, I have halfway through this year of my life and I finally conquered one of my biggest cooking fears. I finally made yogurt, Greek yogurt to be more specific.

And let me tell you friends, it is so easy and awesome. Every time I see it sitting in the fridge, it fills my heart with joy.

On Friday night, I headed over to my friend, Levent's, house to face my yogurt fears. And really, I realized how silly my fears had been. There are two ingredients in this recipe: milk and yogurt. (Yes, you have to use some store bought yogurt for your starter, but you only need 2 teaspoons of it). The recipe we used from Annie's Eats, one of my favorite food blogs. Since we did not change the recipe, I will refer you there (simply it's too long to type out here).

Don't let this recipe intimidate you because of seemingly intense instructions. Basically, you heat up milk, let it cool, add the start, and let it sit in a warm place overnight.

The next day all we had to do was let it drain, whisk and eat.

We just made plain Greek yogurt, so I sweetened it with honey. 

That was it. Seriously. That was it. How easy is that?

There is a good chance I will never buy large amounts of Greek yogurt from the store ever again.

Check. Done. Chomp. Bucket.