And thus it begins.

Today is the first post of 2013 that finally has something to do with what is at the heart of this blog: growing stuff.

It's pretty cold today, so it's hard to imagine that spring is coming soon. But since it is Kansas and global warming continues, I am very determined to plant very early this year, taking my risk with the frost chances in order to try and get my plants established before the heat moves in.

Thanks to my friend Julie's handy little planter pot maker, I started 4 different tomato plants today.

With my gardening luck (or lack thereof), it is not a very good idea for me to start my own seeds. I kill them by forgetting to water them or not getting them enough sunlight, etc. However, this time I am way more determined to keep these babies alive.

Last spring, my friend, Constance, sent me a few heirloom tomato seeds. It had been too late in the season to start them, so I waited.

Now the time has come for when the Farmer's Almanac tells me it's fine to start tomatoes in this state.

Three of the pots are "George Curtriss Spoon," which are described as followed: "Ten of these flavorful tomatoes fit into a spoon. Produces fruit by the zillions. Pea-size. Med-large plant." (Crazy, huh?)

The 4th pot contais "Seattles Woolly Blue Mammoth" and are described as "Harry blue tomato plant and fruit." (What in the world?)

I am very determined to keep these babies alive because who knows what they will look like.

We'll see how it goes...


  1. I can't wait to see what pea sized tomatoes look like! Sounds like fun...good luck! Shanon


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