Valentimes is serious times: the 2013 version

No. I did not misspell Valentine's day in the title. That was on purpose. (Although I used to say "Valentimes" when I was younger and sometimes, if I am not careful, can easily slip back into that).

(No, I say that because Valentimes is serious times. If you don't realize that than you need to watch this Teen Girl Squad short that has been a part of my Valentine's Day for 3 years now. (Thanks to Jill for putting it on my facebook wall this morning). 

Over the years, I have discovered that V-Day is the best and the worst at the same time. For example, it is an excuse to clash red and pink together without any regrets. That is both the best and the worst. 

It is the best in the sense that I love to make baked items into heart shaped things. I discovered this during my years at Mojo's. For some reason naming sugar cookies "heartthrob cookies" was extremely enjoyable. Not only that, but something to look forward to like it is a real life holiday. (Weird). My co-worker, Sarah, and I went crazy with this. It was amazing. 

Yeah, the best. 

It is the worst for obvious reasons, reasons I can't seem to get out my brain for an entire day. 

Yeah, the worst. 

But who cares about that. 

I made heart shaped cookies and clashed pink and red together. So overall, pretty successful. 

See you next year, Valentimes Day. Now get out of Dillons.