Winter bucket and nachos

Folks. What is happening to me? And by that I mean, what is happening to this blog?

Winter must be taking it's toll (even if it is starting to get into the 50s here on a regular basis). I haven't felt creative in what feels like years. I haven't taken my camera out in a long time. (Cruse you Instagram). Also, I've come down with a case of "facebook syndrome," but this time blog style. Style wise, my blog is not very hip.

Whatever. This is who I am. Shut up, internet! Stop making me feel bad about my life.

But nlr (aka nothing less than reality), the real reason this blog has dropped off my horizon is because January was filled with either being in Pennsylvania for work or being sick, both of which happened twice that month.

But I'm back... at least I think so.

You know how I like to make bucket lists for everything? Well, I never made a "winter bucket list." Since that is the case, I decided to create it right now. There is only going to be one thing on it: Blog in February, the very worst month all. (Well, besides maybe July or August).

I am jumping into this bucket by writing this scatterbrained post. You're welcome, world.

Actually, I wanted to post this Sunday after the Superbowl because I made Nacho cheese! (What up!) But then I had Downton Abbey to watch so it did not happen. Since that was the case, here is a short little recap of things I'm loving right now (in no particular order).

1. We found out at work this week that MCC was listed on the NRA's top 12 most threatening people. Hilarious.

2. uh, Downton Abbey. Obviously. I watched last week's episode coming home from Akron. I had to self-talk myself through the whole thing so I wouldn't be that crazy person on the plane crying. I managed to make it through. Seriously though, why haven't you started watching this show?

3. Finally being home with all my housemates (including Jill) is pretty great. Let's all stay in one place for awhile, girls, okay? Okay. (Thanks for the photos, Jasmine)

Oh. and on Saturday we stopped by Newton's True Value because sometimes they have puppies. We are unsure of each other in this photo. But if I did have this puppy, his name would be fox-face. 

Band photo

I love this so much. They are my favorite and my best. 

4. Superbowl parties. Okay, yeah I don't care about football at all, especially the Superbowl. (People, the commercials never live up to the hype. Why must we go over this every year?). However, I like having an excuse to make some type of snack/appetizer that I normally would not make. This year, even though I knew there was going to be like 50 different things of cheese dip, I went ahead and made my own nacho cheese sauce using this recipe from (I didn't really change too much minus the jalapeƱos, which I left out because I did not have them. Next time, I think I will had a small can of green chilies. Yum). I was pretty pleased with it. Sure, it will never taste like Velveeta, (cruse you mystery cheese and your nastily delicious dips), but I liked it. I also like having leftovers in my fridge. Forget this trying to eat less dairy thing this week. I am just going for it. Straight up.

5. Chilling with this kid.

6. Okay, even though I am happy to be home (as number 3 states), being in Akron for Donor Relations meetings was pretty good. It was great to connect with my fellow coworkers from all over the States and Canada. When we were not in meetings, we did manage to go bowling and have an amazing Ethiopian meal. (I realized during this trip that I need to learn how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit in my head so I can better relate with Canadians).

Back at the MCC meeting place

Still haven't broken 100... 

Ethiopian food is also my love language. 

This time I stayed in the "Middle East/Europe" house. 

and finally..

7. Start to think towards spring... and gardening. And even though there is a lot of work (and sometimes stress) that comes with that, I am pretty excited.

There we go. See you very soon, oh blog readers.