Garden update

This blog is waiting for spring, just like the rest of us.

I know. I cannot stop talking about the weather. (Another indication that I might be 95 years old). Thankfully, it is nicer today but we have still been dealing with frosty lows and winter winds. Thus, everything in my garden is super late this year. But it is okay. Well, it will be if summer backs off this year and does not try to kill us like it usually does. I feel hopeful. It's almost May and I have not put any of my winter clothes away. In fact, I am still wearing them right now. In my limited Kansas living experience, this has never been the case. So here is the deal. Spring, you can be chilly if you want as long as summer isn't going to kill all my tomatoes.

Despite the late start, some things have been happening. Here is the latest report from "farmer Anna" as Levent likes to call me. (It's got to be ironically because I have no idea what I am doing).

1. My spinach and lettuce at the Baker's house is coming up. I typically go over there on Saturdays to check on it (since it has been moist enough that I don't need to water). We'll see if the winter weather this week did any thing to it.

2. On Monday, I headed over to the community garden to plant some spring plants. I am hope it was an okay time to do this. The soil seemed really clumpy, so hopefully my green beans have a fighting chance. I planted three rows of green beans (Contender, which is a typical green bush variety and Golden Wax, which is a yellow-ish bush variety. I cannot stay away from the different colorful varieties. All I want to do is plant yellow green beans, purple tomatoes, and blue potatoes. Amazing). I also got more spinach and lettuce in as well as a few onion sets. I've never planted onions before, so we'll see how it goes...

3. This number needs some type of announcement. (Drumroll please). Because my tomato seeds ARE COMING UP! These are not the ones I had planted earlier. Rather these are the ones my Dad sent me. I still feel skeptical at my ability to bring them to maturity, but it is a small victory.

I am refusing to go back to my post archives and see what I had already had planted that is point last year. I am determined to be more patient. It's okay that I don't have tomatoes in the ground yet. That can wait until May and until this winter weather decides to leave us alone.

Let me tell you, it cannot come soon enough.