Spring things

Finally. Spring is coming.

Sure. It has been coming for awhile now, but it is that time of year now when I am just starting to notice it.

Here is how:

1. There have been a few days that we've been able to turn off the heat and open up the windows. Glorious

2. My coworker, Diana, and I were in Wichita Thursday afternoon for work when all of a sudden we noticed that the trees had burst forth in blooms. Until that point, I hadn't been paying any attention. Plus, I ate falafel for lunch, the sun was shining, and WSU Shocker spirit was every where. It was amazing. (I really love cheering for things, especially when a ton of people are also into it. So fun. Sure, the shockers are out but I cannot help be being proud of them, even though I clearly jumped on this bandwagon. I love March Madness).

3. I finally got my garden in, the spring crops anyway. Everything is really late this year, but hopefully it's not too late that it won't do anything. I had already planted spinach and radishes at the Baker's but noticed on Friday that it has started coming up! I also was able to plant some peas there as well as some lettuce, after having to wrestle the packet away from Scooter who thought it was a good idea to start eating it.  Let me tell you, I forgot how hard it is to garden in the same space as a dog.

At 417 (where I live) we also have a tiny garden plot in the backyard. I was not planning on doing anything here since I signed up for plots in the community garden. However, it has been so wet that they still have not tilled the community garden. So instead, I checked with Annali and then planted some more bloomsfield spinach, buttercrunch lettuce, and red viking potatoes. I am both nervous and excited about those potatoes. I have never tried to grow them, so we'll see how it goes. It is a little late for them but this variety claims to do well in hot temperatures. So we'll see. Annali also planted some beets.

4. Speaking of garden type things, my dad decided that since my heirloom tomato seeds were not coming up (Sigh) that he was going to send me some of his. So yesterday I planted them. We'll see if these guys decided to do anything, especially since it is a little late to be starting tomato seeds in Kansas. Regardless, it was all worth it for the note he sent with the seeds. It was hilarious and also maybe the only time he's ever used "lol."

5.  The return of iced coffees. yum.

6. Sitting outside and reading Agatha Christie mysteries. One of my life goals is to read everything Christie has ever written, but the one featured here is a repeat since I love it so much. There is something about summer time that makes me what to read these British classics. Okay, yeah it's not summer yet but it's time to whip these out anyway.

7. This isn't a spring thing, but my sister and I love to have breakfast/brunch together. It just feels more lovely in the spring time.

Scooter wants in on the brunch
Minus my garden impatience, I am glad that spring has decided to come slowly this year. I hope that means summer will do the same.