I know how the flowers felt

The rain to the wind said,
'you push and I pelt.'
They so smote the garden bed
that the flowers actually knelt,
and lay lodged - though not dead.
I know how the flowers felt.
-Robert Frost

This tulip is a survivor.

She is the only one in our yard that has survived the several late frosts that we've had this spring (mostly thanks to Jasmine who covered it up with a flower pots on some of the coldest nights). She's about done though. It's a little depressing. Tulips are some of my favorite flowers and this season they've definitely taken hard hit. I've missed seeing them in full force this spring.

The weather has been straight up crazy this year. It snowed yesterday morning. Thankfully nothing stuck and by the afternoon the wind had died down and the sun had come out. However, it still felt super depressing to bundle up in my winter coat and scarf on May 2nd. But I am trying to take my co-worker's advice and not complain about any type of moisture that falls from these dry, Kansas skies. After all, every day my weather app tells me "dry conditions continue."

I know that we are still in a drought here, which feels really ironic since one of the reasons I have not been able to plant very much yet is because the ground is too wet. And when it's not too wet, the temperature is dropping too low for summer crops. I have stuff planted in 3 different gardens this spring (because I am crazy) and honestly I barely know how my stuff is doing in all of these places because it's been too nasty, too cold, or too muddy for me to want to go trek out and see what is happening.

I know though that the peas, spinach, and lettuce at my sister's house is beginning to come up. Same with the lettuce and spinach in our backyard at 417. (Also, a potato may or may not be coming up. I've never grown potatoes before so I am not sure if it is a plant part of a weed. I will have to google it). If it truly is a potato, I am pretty psyched to say the least. Even if it is the only one that comes up, I will feel somewhat successful.

I get these weekly emails from the Savvy Gardener and this week I was especially comforted by it. Lately, I've felt really panicked that I am going to miss my planting opportunity - that it is going to get too hot before my summer plants have a chance to get established. However, according to this e-newsletter, it's not too late even for spring crops. Even better, the soil temperatures are supposed to be way up next week and will finally be ready for peppers and tomatoes.

I feel hopefully that I can finally get stuff in the ground next weekend. That is the plan any way. We'll see what this crazy weather has in store for us. I am beyond ready though.