Sister City

For my sister's birthday this year, (which is in March), I told her I would take her to Kansas City for a weekend of food and shopping. (Because, let's be real. The only reason I go anywhere is because of all the interesting food adventures that are waiting for me). 

This past Friday/Saturday, we finally got the opportunity to go and to kick off the beginning of summer. (Leah is a teacher and Friday was her last official day). 

It was our first adventure together in Kansas City and our first city day with a baby in tow. There were times when having a 9 month old with us made things feel challenging. Nevertheless, it was still a good time together exploring a place that I live so close to but had never gone to until this weekend. 

We spent the night in this fancy hotel (The Westin Crown Center... thanks to We had breakfast the next day at this hipster breakfast joint called Happy Gills, (which was so good and everything I want my kitchen to be some day), Explored the farmers market (which was crazy busy) and hit up H&M and Gap outlet before heading back to Hesston. It was a full day, somewhat stressful, but wonderful all the same. 

Happy birthday, Leah! (I am sorry that we didn't take a photo together. What were we thinking? :-) 

The fancy fountain in our hotel 
We spent the evening chilling in our hotel, watching a movie, eating poorly popped popcorn and drinking these retro-style sodas. 

Sausage, egg, cheese biscuit with gravy. Best. 

Breakfast time anyone?

Leah stocking up on some local asparagus

The farmer's market was crazy busy. There were people everywhere and lines where long and deep. While I waiting in line to get our mid-morning coffees, I took these pictures in a coffee shop. Look, I see some Rand. 

Summertime in the city