Spring evenings

The smell of green grass in cool spring evenings makes me think, just for a moment, that everything is right in the world.

Sure I know this is not true. But there is something about the first signs of garden life that make life feel more meaningful.

Last night I went over to my garden at my sister's house to save my spinach from this tricky, ground covering weed. I hate weeding, but even that was rejuvenating to my soul.

That feeling will not last. I guarantee it. After all, who wants to weed the garden in July? No one. That's who. Yet, it was so wonderful to finally get out into the dirt - after all these weeks of waiting. Sure, there is still more waiting to come. But last night I got of a taste of it - of spring, of gardens, of perfection.

This might be my favorite time of the year - the sinking sun, the cool evening air, silent strolls and green pushing it's way up to the sky.

My latest spring crush - my sweet pepper plants! My first summer crop planting... and also my first time planting peppers.

The season of the dandelions 

My potato plant part! 
What up, sweet pea!

This is where I dumped the lettuce seeds... oops

If I am lucky, this spinach might be ready tomorrow!
My pepper crushes' credentials
You know those heirloom tomato seeds my dad sent me? Well I finally transferred the survivors into larger pots. More wiggle room. 

Tomatoes in Twlight

Spring evenings at home

Peaceful walks in the Arboretum