Weekends and bucket lists

I think heaven is like weekends, all stacked up.

At least in the spring time, with gardens and sunshine, and eggs benedict.

I must've been pretty serious about my summer bucket list because I have already managed to cross of several things just from this weekend alone.I went to the Wichita Farmer's market with my sister. We also had breakfast/brunch before we strolled over to the market at a place called Egg Cetera in Old Town. (Yum. Eggs Benedict...)

Since it is still early, there was not a lot of produce at the market. So I bought some bread instead.

Food truck

Levent and I made popsicles of the chocolate raspberry fudge pop variety. (awesome. Though we have ideas to make them even better. Once we master them, I will post the recipe).

I tried a new produce at the farmer's market. Nothing too crazy, just scallions. But I have never bought those before because I always have onions. Honestly, I don't know very much about this vegetable (and  I think the result ended with me thinking, eh, I'll just continue to use onions). Still, it was fun to try something new.

I am also thankful for the storms that brought rain and thankful that the tornadoes did not come for us. I didn't have to water my garden yesterday or today. That itself is a blessing.