Kicking off the summer holiday

I packed up my bag and bid farewell to the prairie today. Through the typical journey of ICT to ALT to AVL, I landed tonight in a downpour brought to us by Tropical Storm Andrea. Like the rain, I won't stay here very long. We head to the outer banks tomorrow morning.

Honestly, it was a little hard to leave Kansas today. (I know, right? Who says stuff like that?) But today and tomorrow are the town of Hesston's garage sale days, which very much feels like a public holiday. I am pretty bummed to miss it, since it only happens once a year. (Though, I must say that I did hit up a few this morning with my friends Ethan and Janell. There wasn't much out yet, but I did manage to score this awesome Moosewood Cookbook that is typically like 17 bucks for 25 cents. I am pretty excited about it. I thought about it a lot on the plane today. Moosewood is know for their vegetarian cuisine and is one of the most influential restaurants in the States).  But more than that, there is this boy I like a lot who lives there. And there is the fact that once I get back to Kansas, it's going to be a million degrees. The weather has been unbelievably great there these past few days, it was sad to say goodbye to that.

Regardless, I am happy to be in Asheville, even if only for an evening and glad to be embarking out on the road with my parents as we begin our vacation on the beach. (And it's probably a good indication that I am content with my current life when I find myself a little sad to be leaving my home community).

I love holidays. Yep, that's cliche. Everyone loves holidays, but whatever.  I also love Asheville, NC. I am writing this very random post from my favorite place in the whole world - a rocking chair on my parents porch. The evening is cool from the rain, Sarah Jarosz sings on, and in these moments everything feels perfect.

Even though I am only here for an evening, we still got to experience what I love about Asheville - great places to eat. Tonight, my parents and I joined our friends, Roger and Sandy, for burgers from Juicy Lucy's. Yum. Also they brought our water in mason jars and seemed to be playing music from my itunes. Awesome.

Then we came home to pack up our lives, eat homemade ice cream, and go to bed, but not before enjoy the wonders of a porch.

This is the best way to kickoff the summer holiday.