Pea progress

I recently learned that peas are not a vegetable. 

(Yep, this is something I learned in my mid-20s). 

And after learning during last years spring growing season that one must plant a lot of peas in order to get a decent yield, (which is challenging in a very limited space), I had no intention planting them again this spring. 

However, once I learned that the Bakers would be moving this summer, I decided I would use the raise beds I have in their backyard to plant only spring crops. This is one reason as to why I had a ton of spinach and lettuce this year. But it is also the reason why my pea yield was a little bit bigger than previous. Last year, we had enough for maybe 2 people at one meal, (but in the end I believe we mixed them in with fried rice). I had very little hopes for this year, but decided to go for it and give whatever I raised to my nephew, Malakia, who would be eating fruits and veggies by the time they were ready. 

Yet, when the time came, I found that I had enough to not only give to Kai, but to also take home and put a few cups in my freezer as well. (And actually, if this spring hadn't been so cold and wet, I would've planted them earlier and had even more since the heat killed off the rest of the blooms on the plant. Honestly, I am amazed that I got what I did. It's not a normal thing to pick peas in 90 degree weather). After last year, I learned that it is pretty important to stake pea plants. They do better and yield more) when they have the opportunity to climb. 

I picked the bulk of them on Thursday evening (with the help of Levent) and was lucky enough to have helpers pod them with me. 

Amy, Jack and Leah getting down to work

Danika helping Lucy learn the ropes

Beautiful! And this wasn't even all of them
All of my spring crops were a success. That is such a great feeling.