The state of things

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the kind that really aren't bad in retrospect, but in the moment, it feels awful. How is it possible that every day at 2:45pm every thing seems to go wrong. I dump boiling water on my hand, the learning tour I was planning for work gets canned, and suddenly I find myself in an avalanche of emotion.

Every thing is the worst.

This tree has a grumpy face. Can you see it?

My sister is moving away in a little over a month. The big, fluff, black cat that walks down the sidewalk on main street will not let me pet it. We are in the thick of tornado season. Those nasty rolly polies bugs have decided to use our garage for their annual mating ground. (Seriously, I have never seen so many in my life at one time). I continue to be terrible at running. The Baker's dog, Scooter, has found a new home and will be moving to Indiana on Sunday.

I can write this list with an ounce of humor since I know there are way worse things out there. (And really none of them are that big of deal, except for the first one... well, and the last one. And dang it, I just want one grumpy, fat, fluffy cat to love me). But these are the things that have been getting my anxiety levels off the charts and my spirits crashing down.

So usually when I start blogs off like this with a real life description of my current depression, I tend to end them with list of good things. And really the state of things as of late have been very good. The garden grows, the cat walks down the sidewalk, and the world spins madly on.

So here is my list. Count 'em.

1. It is the end of May and Kansas is still behaving like springtime. Last evening, I saw outside on the stoop as I wrote this, listening to Mozart in the cool of the evening, and still rejoicing in the fact that the weather is creeping into the 60s.

2. Rain, Rain, Rain. Thank you, God, for rain! It finally poured yesterday morning. It was amazing to stare at it outside of my office window. We are still in the middle of a drought here so every time it rains, it feels like a miracle.

3. Strawberry season! It's time for all those yummy treats. Last weekend, Levent and I celebrated springtime/the beginning of summer by making strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream. Swoon. It's one of my favorite desserts I make. Plus the berries we used were the ones I got from the Kansas City farmer's market. And with what can be considered as "local" here in the prairie, they still count even if they are from the Missouri side of life.

4. On Memorial Day, Jasmine had a few friends over for a simple bonfire despite the crazy winds we were having that day. I am so grateful to know people in town that are around my same life-stage.
Crazy wind = crazy hair (for me) and crazy faces
Kate and Jas chilling in the grass
5. Speaking of strawberries. Wednesday was Levent's birthday. After a celebratory dinner at Reba's (yum... burger night!), we came back and indulged in my first ever successful cheesecake. Thanks to the guidance of my co-worker, Diana, (who is a cheesecake master - seriously, she owns like 9 spring form pans, or something crazy like that) it turned out wonderfully.

6. As you may know, I am a big fan of The Bobby Bones Show, a nationally syndicated morning radio show. This past week they had a fundraiser for the Oklahoma tornado where country music artist donated things to be auctioned off for the relief effort of the Red Cross. That is when I heard this song called Carolina by a band called Parmalee. Oh man. It is so good.

7. Oh how the garden grows! With the current weather, things are still alive and even thriving. My peas are in bloom, I have more lettuce than I know what to do with, and the height of my potato plants fills me with pride. Also, my heirloom tomatoes from my Dad are still alive!
Pea blossom 

My tomato seedling
Leah's Shasta Daisies
8. Going on morning walks with my sister, nephew and Scooter the dog. Friday was my last summer stroll with Scooter in tow. Best dog ever. (Though I will not miss how he nearly yanks my arm off when he sees a squirrel). Since these moments are coming to an end, at least for now, they are truly precious and I hold on to them while I still can.

9. Summer dinners on the back deck with the Bakers, their houseguest, Danika, and Levent.

10. At 417, we have a space in the back of the garden that I am planning on converting to a garden party space. This past week I went to the Et Cetera Shop and Flea Market in Newton and collect some antique/retro/vintage plates that I will eventually use. This might be my new addiction.

11. Brunch with friends.

Looking back, it was a really good week. Sure, it might've had a few set backs and transitional things, but nevertheless, the state of things in Kansas are wonderful, especially in the springtime.