I am a sucker for anything with the name "Carolina" in it. This has to do with with my undying love for  the mountains of North Carolina. I think because I live in Kansas, I love it even more because it seems even more magical.

I love this song by Parmalee because of the Carolina factor.

I love this version of Wagon Wheel (by Darius Rucker) because of the North Carolina references.

And I bought a ton of these beautiful tomatoes at the Mound Ridge farmer's market this, because they are called "Carolina Gold."


Well, I was bent on buying tomatoes anyway and I do love to buy vegetables in unconventional colors. The Carolina part was just a bonus. (I promise. I already had some one the scale before the guy told me their name).

Dang, I am crushing on my garden these days (if I don't let the squash bugs get me back).

Today is a day though that it is easy to be excited about what is happening out there.

I came back from the farmer's market with lots of tomatoes and beans to can. I came back from the garden this evening with some more tomatoes (including these lovely little tomatoes called Juliet) a few green beans, a zucchini, a few peppers, and a giant eggplant.

My gleaning from the garden

Check yes, Juliet

What am I going to do with this beast? 
Love it. Love it. Love it.