Grace this weekend

Grace. It is a tricky thing. It is a tricky thing to extend to others. It is even trickier to extend to myself. It something I've been working on. After all, my name means "full of grace." In the past few years, especially since my time in South Africa, I've been trying to live into the name that was given to me.

Grace can mean a lot of things. This weekend I experienced it in the rain that keeps pouring from the sky, honest conversation, hugs from my sister, brother-in-law and nephew, the steadfast support from my boyfriend, and in shiny quart jars, freshly canned.

It's been an interesting weekend. This rain has been amazing. We actually have flood warnings, believe it or not. It has been 8 days since I last watered my garden. (That is unheard of in July in Kansas. At this point last year, I was watering them twice a day and still not getting anywhere).

Arlo, the dog I am watching this weekend watches the rain

All this rain means cozy weather too. The high today is supposed to be in the low 70s, but it hasn't even gotten close to that today. I even had socks on today at some point. What is happening? Compared to last summer, this is an extension of grace. All the green and coolness of Prince Edward Island I longed for last summer has come to me, or so it seems. I'll take it.

Who wears sweaters in July?
This girl. 

I love summers outside the best
On Friday, I was lucky to see the Bakers for a little bit. They had been in Hutchinson for their Service Adventure orientation. In the morning, I watched Malakai for a little bit while Leah and Jeron wrapped things up. Kai and I met up with our friend Joy who took us to this cute local bookshop called Bluebird Books. It was wonderful to see my family and friends again, even if only for a few hours.

I decide to start collecting artisan made ceramic mugs. I bought this one at Bluebird
I had a lot of canning endeavors this weekend, and no canning buddy, which felt daunting. But I managed to crank it out, no problem. I put up 7 quarts of peaches (and froze 2 more) from Missouri and 9 more pints of green beans (a combo from my garden and the Mound Ridge farmer's market). It made for a long Saturday, but I know I will experience this garden grace with joy in February. Also, getting good fruit here in Kansas (and MO would still count for local in these dry parts) feels like a miracle. They are so juicy and delicious.

Pressure cooking the beans always freaks me out. But, like most times, it was completely fine. 

My garden is doing so well in this rain. That alone feels like divine grace. And for that, especially, I am grateful.


Canning totals thus far:

pints of green beans: 18
pints of diced tomatoes: 6
quarts of peaches: 7
pints of frozen peaches: 2