My parents, the go-getters

My parents are rockstars... and the reason why my garden is slowly moving from the "practically dead" stage to "hanging in there" stage that makes me believe it will, in fact, pull through.

My parents were in Kansas for about two weeks this time. Typically they come out to help the Bakers do things around their home and help Leah set up her classroom at the beginning of August. However, this time was a little different. All of last week my parents helps Leah pack up before the Bakers hit the road for their eventual North Carolina destination. Even though the Bakers moved, my parents then decided to stay for an entire week with me.

At first I was nervous about finding enough things for them to do. But after they got here, I soon discovered that those fears were a little ridiculous.

My parents are such go-getters. This past week they managed to mow/till/weed my tomato plot (which was so depressing), stake my tomatoes, water my garden, can green beans, clean the kitchen, do some mending, completely redesign my tiny closet, fix my dresser, build a cold frame box out of an old window, fix the clothes line, built a compost area, clean off the space I wanted to turn into a patio area (it was covered in tons of leaves and brush), save the chickens from their ghetto coup by moving them to a new space and a new run, (Yep you read that right. My housemate Annali now has chickens), and still have time to volunteer for a day at MCC and JaKo Farms. They are really amazing.
Taunting the chickens with food in order to get them go "pose" for the camera

Cold frame

New compost area

Leah's old table in the new patio space

They also took us out for Thai food last night at Thai Traditions in Wichita. Yum.

Dad is excited about his food
The best part is that they have given me hope again for my garden. I had already lost "Big Max" (the pumpkin plant) to squash bugs, but with their garden guidance, I think every thing is going to hang in there. For that, I am truly grateful.