Road trippin'

It's been awhile since I went on a significant road trip. And by significant I mean long. Very long.

Maybe it's because my family spent hours every summer driving to visit relatives in Iowa and Pennsylvania, or maybe it is because I went to college out of state, but whatever the reason may be, I loath long trips in the car. They are too much. I would rather fly.

So when I found out my friends, Ethan and Janell, where getting married in Goshen, Indiana, I knew that a long road trip was once again in my future.

Yet, despite the miles that stretched out in front of us, it was a really great road trip for several reasons.

1. I got to hang out with Levent, my road trip buddy who is a champion at driving.

2. We had a brief pitstop  in central Illinois in order to see my brother's family. So I was lucky enough to see my niece and nephew for a little bit. (And finally cash in my free coffee from Eli's that I had been saving since I moved away from there back in the fall of 2011).

3. I stayed at my friend Amanda's house and as an added bonus, I got to see my sister's old dog, Scooter, who now lives in Goshen too. I'm pretty sure he remembered me.

4. Since Levent and I went to Goshen so early, (we got their Wednesday evening and the wedding wasn't until Saturday morning), I was able to "zip" over to northwest Ohio to see my Bluffton friends. It was wonderful. Thursday I spent with my friend Laura Frey, who is moving to Costa Rica at the end of the summer, bumming at the pool, going to zumba and eating the best chicken burgers I've ever had. Friday, we drove down to Bluffton for a reunion that sort of just happened, thanks to Jilly, (my roommate from college who was back from Bolivia for a few weeks). We ate an awesome lunch at the Mustard Seed, explored the "downtown scene" (including the new grommet popcorn shop), checked out the new athletic building on campus, and generally just enjoyed being with one another. I love those girls so much and am so glad it worked out to see them.

Why does this girl have to live so far away?

5. Attending Ethan and Janell's wedding, of course. I was around when they realized they liked each other back in the day-day. It's been fun to see how their relationship has developed over the years. I'm glad I get to be a part of their lives.
Coffee at the brunch reception
6. Since Levent used to live in Goshen during his high school years, it was fun to meet some of his friends and family and be a part of his life that way.

Despite the miles, it was a good trip. I am, however, really grateful to be home.