Saturday in retrospect

Saturday was a pretty rough day. (Yeah, I cried twice). And when I am an emotional fireball like this, my fingers should really stay away from my keyboard. I will look back in retrospect and know that, yeah, things aren't really that bad as they felt in the moment.

These photos from yesterday are just that, a way to look back and say, hey, Saturday was actually a pretty good day. Sometimes I have a problem with things like instagram because it makes things look "cooler" than what they may be in real life. Smoke and mirrors. I don't feel like this most of the time, but when I look at these happy red cans of freshy canned diced tomatoes, I am instantly drawn to the burn on my right wrist, which is not captures in the that photo.

Nevertheless, I do like instagram and photography in general because it helps me create beauty out of the ordinary. It helps me to realize that maybe things aren't as bad as I initially experience them.

So I will not tell you the bad. I will only show you the good.

I started off the day by zipping over to Mound Ridge (a neighboring town) to visit their Farmer's Market, which is super small. Still, I like going to this one because it is generally cheaper than the one I go to in Newton and because there is an older couple there that are fabulous and give me good deals on tomatoes and green beans. (Well, they did last year anyway. I haven't asked about striking up another deal with them yet). I can never get myself out of bed in time to catch the good stuff, but thankfully there was still a few tomatoes left for me. (Pictured above is a combo of what tomatoes from my garden and what I got from the farmer's market).

Since I was in Mound Ridge, I decided to stop in at Modd's Sweets and Eats (formally Sipp's Coffee Shop) before heading home to check out the new layout of the shop and to get a blended latte. (yum). I am excited to come back to this place again in order to get breakfast with friends.

In the afternoon I went ahead and canned what tomatoes I did have in order to "keep up." (That is a semi-joke since, like my green beans, I only get a few in every other day). I am happy to have 2 pints now sitting in the basement, waiting to be enjoyed sometime this winter.

(Here is the recipe I followed. Don't be dumb like me and forget to watch the pot, or to cut down the boiling time if using pints. I had a massive tomato explosion. (I should've had 3 pints). Instead, I had tomato juice on the ceiling and a massive burn on my arm).

Later, I finally gave in and busted out my paints after who knows how long. I am very rusty but it's really fun to get it out again. It is good for my soul.

In the evening, Levent took me out to Zaytun, a Mediterranean and IndoPak Bistro is Wichita. We enjoyed some awesome Turkish food and listened in on the different language being spoken around us and the subtle comments about Ramadan. It was delightful.

It also poured in the evening, which happened the last time we went out to eat. Our date nights but be good luck for the Kansas drought. It is amazing.
The sky on the way home
And that is my Saturday in retrospect.