swamp gratitude

Nuts. Nuts! The weather here is nuts!

It will not stop storming. (I can hear thunder rolling in the background right now).

I find it hard to be grateful right now, which is also nuts. (I just really want to get my fall crops into the ground! It's ironic that this was exactly how spring was too and the exact opposite of last summer). Kansas needs the rain. Despite the inches upon inches we've gotten over the past few weeks (there is a real chance the days I have gone without watering the garden will eventually equal 1 month), we are still in a severe drought. Someone at church on Sunday reported that even though we've gotten all this rain, it has not soaked past 2 feet below the surface. Meaning, that the water supply underground that desperately needs replenishing is still dangerously low.

I understand it is completely irrational for me to wish it would dry up so I can plant green beans. And yet there it is.

This evening, despite the swampiness of the ground around me and the sinking sun, I headed out back to dig up my potatoes since I was terrified whatever was under the earth would start to rot because of all the moisture they've gotten.

It was a swamp. The ground was so wet that the grass felt like a sponge. Mud caked my shovel and my shoes as I dug through the garden, hunting for little red prizes.

This was my first year planting potatoes and so as soon as I saw the first red viking, I was filled with joy. I did it! I grew a potato!

... featuring one of Annali's beets
My yield was pretty small due to the location and soil of my garden in the backyard, but nevertheless, I am happy about these little potatoes. Sure I only got back about double what I put in the ground (maybe, since a lot of the potatoes are tiny), but that does not mean that I will not gratefully devour them. (And hopefully save them from an untimely death of damp rot, (which may be tricky since it keeps raining in the basement and in the storeroom and every other logical place to keep potatoes).

Oh potatoes, I am glad I dug you out of the muck.