End of August Gardening

Yep. I am still gardening. And now that it is back to being super hot in Kansas, I am back to the old watering routine, which, let me tell you, was so hard to get back into after a month of not needing to water. It's coming to the end of the season, but since I still have some things that aren't quite done, I refuse to give up on them (despite how much I complain about being tired of gardening).

More than ever, I am looking forward to fall and all it's crisp smells, cool weather, and cinnamon baking. But for sure, I continue the fight to keep the tomatoes alive.

So here is one more garden report.

The tomatoes are taking their sweet time turning. And actually, this photo is not reflective of how the rest of the plants are doing. They are all looking very sad. 

The surge of rain and cooler weather have actually made my melon plants go nuts. I have so many blooms on the cantaloupe plant.

I continue to be amazed at how well my marigolds did this year. I only planted them to keep away bugs. They took it upon themselves to be big and beautiful.

My green beans will not stop/cannot stop. It is amazing. The plants are looking very dead and I have given up on watering them, for the most part. However, I still managed to pick enough to can 4 quarts and a pint. As far as beans go, I am ready for the winter. The beans are pictured above with the TV remotes since it feels like every Tuesday when I watch So You Think You Can Dance, I have to stem beans. I think I've done it for the past 3-4 Tuesdays. Crazy.

I was in my tomato patch the other evening when I noticed this oddly shaped green tomato. It was huge, which was weird since it was growing in the middle of my Juliet cherry tomatoes. I approached the plant and quickly realized this was no tomato. This was a watermelon that had climbed up the tomato cage and is now growing in the middle all the tomato vines. Since I have never successfully grown a watermelon, I feel very excited that maybe I will be able to harvest this one still, despite the fact that it is September already.

For the sight of the community garden, you would not think I would able to get anything out of there besides weeds. I've been amazed at how many evenings I come back with a bucket of produce. It's awesome.

You'll notice a seed packet in the bucket. I went ahead and tried to plant some spinach for a fall crop. We'll see if it ever gets cool enough to do anything. I have some growing in the backyard and it is already coming up. However, since it has not been below 90 degrees for days, I think I might have to replant. It looks awful. Oh well, at least spinach is easy to replant.

Oh, my butternut squash plant broke my heart this year. No matter how hard I tired, I could not keep it alive. I eventually gave it over to the squash bugs and let the thing wilt. The strange thing is though that I still have squash on the vines and even though the vines appear to be dead, the squash reminds. I am going to keep it on there as long as possible in the hopes that when I take it off it will be all the way ripe. I recently learned that the longer you keep butternuts on the vine, the better. We'll see how this goes in this current dead plant situation.  

These blooms are enough reason to keep going back to the garden. My sweet potato has started blooming. These purple flowers are lovely. I know noting about growing sweet potatoes, so it'll be fun to see what happens next.

And that is my End of August garden report.