Labor Day weekend

I am grateful for days off. Not that this weekend was very different, but not having that "oh crap it's Sunday evening" dread last night was enough to make this weekend amazing. After camping last weekend and catching up at work, I really needed some time to catch up on some much needed rest.

This weekend was not very out of the ordinary. But instead of having Friday off I had Monday off. I still went crazy and forgot to relax on Saturday (true to typical weekend anxiety stuff), but thankful forced myself to enjoy this weekend by drinking coffee with Jill, reading Harry Potter, painting, and watching Breaking Bad with Levent. 

I also made these simple, but awesome charred corn tacos from Joy the Baker for our house dinner on Friday night.

But those are typical weekend occurrences. There was one, however, that stood out from all the other weekend.

My friend, Julie, and I made mozzarella.


I know.

Okay, well we tried making mozzarella. It still tastes like mozzarella (and is awesome) but is more like a mozzarella cheese spread, which was not what we were going for here.

Oh well.

But it was still fun to try and has given us the motivation to try, try again at a later time. In the meanwhile, I smear this on toast, eat it on a grilled tomato and basil sandwich and but it in a similarly themed quiche, which I will eat for breakfast tomorrow.  I have great hopes for it.

Well, that was my labor day weekend, pretty average but pretty wonderful. Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure this was my first real labor day off of work. That alone is pretty out of the ordinary.

And tonight, Levent and I will hopefully celebrate the ending of summer by eating too much guacamole (depending on if any of the avocados at Dillons were ripe for the eating this afternoon). Time will tell.