On coffee shops, stress levels, and the occasional break out.

Introvert time.

I went to Modd's in Mound Ridge this morning to have some much needed introvert/coffee house time. Maybe this was to more or less continue to feed my out of control coffee addiction, but I figured I could get some good photo editing time in as well. (Plus a reason to visit my favorite farmer couple at Mound Ridge's farmer's market).

And so here I sit.

As an introvert,  you would think it would be super easy to get in that much needed alone time. Yeah, you would think that.

But with work, the demands of the garden, and making sure to get enough quality time with my boyfriend, intentional alone time is often hard to come by.

So those tomatoes that really need to be canned can wait this morning while I finish this iced mocha and breakfast burrito, despite how hard it is for me to relax.

Yes that's right. Sometimes the fact that I cannot force myself to relax, stresses me out. This is the constant struggle. I want to enjoy life to the fullest and slow down. But I need to clean the kitchen floor and my tomatoes will rot if I let them sit there any longer and I need to be more intentional about limiting my dairy intake and I need to practice my speech for work and I need to finish editing these wedding photos before all my upcoming work trips and oh my gosh all my work trips are coming up and I am not sure I am ready for them. WAH!

Needless to say, I've been functioning in high stress level for awhile, which is starting to be written all over my face. (Yeah, like retro 2004 Anna).

This is the part of the post where I come to this deep and meaningful conclusion that I need to stop and enjoy and understand that I am only one person. There is no way I can be all things to all people or even to myself.

Okay, sure. But this is a daily struggle. I am in the thick of it. It is what makes weekends high anxiety points in my life, (which, I know, sounds completely crazy). I have no meaningful lesson for this blog post other than this confession that if I don't take care of myself then I am going to melt down, which will (and has) happen(ed).

For someone who is an extreme introvert to the crazy extend that I am, listen to what I am saying (and this includes you, Anna Yoder): Don't use all your alone time to clean. Slow down. Go to a coffee shop (again) and talk to no one. Understand that life will feel better after finding a small corner to "hide away in" for a little while.

And, most importantly, realize that is is okay.

Yeah, it's okay to be an introvert. In fact, it is awesome... well, at least sometimes.